Legends of the Bay

Wednesday, February 11th, 2015

For almost two decades Honolua Surf Company has hosted the "Legends of the Bay" surf contest at Honolua Bay. It's an incredible opportunity for Maui's local surfers, to surf in a heat at Honolua Bay with only a few other surfers in the water. Giving the competitors a chance to showcase there surfing skills, with out having to deal with a crowded line up.

Day 1 of the "Legends of the Bay" surf contest this year saw clean conditions and waves in the 4-6ft. range. The local Maui kids were all shredding it up, with great rides all through out the day. The level of surfing was really high, as each competitor hoped to head home being crowned the "Legends of the Bay" champion. At the end of Day 1, it was Ocean Macedo that won the Boys U18 division.

Stay tuned for the compilation of Day 2 of the Honolua Surf Company, "Legends of the Bay" surf contest. Hoping to get some big waves for Day 2! We will be running the Open Men, Open Women, Open Longboard and the Legends divisions on Day 2, stay tuned!