Alika Moepono

Alika Moepono was born and raised on the North Shore of Oahu and started surfing at the young age of four years old. Growing up surfing spots like V-Land, Sunset Beach and Lanikea with his brothers Jr. Moepono and Elliot. Growing up on Oahu in the old days was a very special time for the Moepono family. Living off the land and the ocean is what life was all about.

The “busy life” on Oahu became a bit to busy for Alika back in the 90’s and that’s when he decided to make the move to Maui with his family.

In the Maui waters, Alika is always a stand out surfer in the line up. Weather he’s going for a surf or a SUP session at Hookipa, keeping up with surfing the fastest wave in the world at Maalaea or heading out to surf his favorite wave at Honolua Bay, Alikas surfing is hard to miss. Alika surfing has a timeless Hawaiian style and flow to it along with a ton of Mana (power). When Alika buries his surf board rail into a turn, stand back and watch the spray fly!

Alika has placed 1st place in countless surf contests on Maui too. Events like the Hi-Tech SurfBash at Hookipa Beach and the Legends of the Bay contest at Honolua Bay.

Alika embodies the true “Aloha Spirit” where ever his daily life takes him and that’s what living life in Hawaii is all about.