Archie Kalepa

Known as a legendary big-wave surfer, Archie is an accomplished waterman who is one of a handful of men able to successfully tow surf the enormous waves that break on Maui's north shore every winter. He was runner up for the prestigious Billabong Global XXL Big Wave awards.

As a Hawaiian lifeguard captain, Archie has been making the waters of Hawaii a safer place for over a decade. He has helped develop a water rescue technique called Swift Hawaiian Aquatic Rescue Craft Specialists (S.H.A.R.C.S.), which incorporates jet skis equipped with rescue sleds. Archie became a local hero when he saved 15 people and one dog during Hurricane Iniki. Not, only did these rescues help prove the effectiveness of the new rescue technique, but also earned him the prestigious Eddie Aikau Waterman Award.

With his ocean safety experience, Archie has gone on to help create a certification program to train other Hawaiian lifeguards, and traveled around the world demonstrating and teaching the rescue technique.

As a member of the Polynesian Voyaging Society, Archie has traveled to Tahiti on both the Hokulea and the Hawaiiloa traditional voyaging canoes, and is dedicated to resurrecting interest in the traditional Hawaiian sport of canoe surfing.

Archie was at the forefront in innovating the hydrofoil surf device, and also made history at the recent Molokai paddle race. He did something that no man has ever done by paddling standing up the entire grueling race using an outrigger canoe paddle, which is known as the original Beach Boy style, the authentic way of paddling, making him the ultimate waterman.

As a SAG member and stuntman you may have seen Archie on the silver screen where he has performed stunts and provided water safety direction for feature films, television series and documentaries. Archie also acts as the water patrol and safety coordinator for big wave tournaments.

A Family man who embodies the Hawaiian Ohana spirit, Archie lives in Lahaina, Maui with his wife, a former Miss Maui, where they contribute their time and energy to their community.

Archie is the essence of island watermen culture through his amazing experience, knowledge and heritage, and epitomizes the soul of the Honolua Surf Co. brand philosophy.