Buzzy Kerbox

A true waterman who embodies style, knowledge and the agelessness of the Honolua Surf Brand, Buzzy Kerbox is as "core" as it gets when it comes to water sports. He was first known as "Kailua Kid" at Velzyland, Oahu, Hawaii and now resides in Maui, Hawaii.

Buzzy is a legendary water innovator and has pioneered many ground-breaking water techniques to include tow-in surfing with the likes of Laird Hamilton and Derrick Doerner at Backyards, Sunset - Oahu and later at Jaws in Maui, and still plays a major role in tow-in.

Regarded as one of the best paddlers in the world, it isn't a surprise that Buzzy was the first to paddle the English Channel with Laird Hamilton. He is consistently a top finisher at the Molokai Paddle event, a grueling 32-mile race, and other prestige's long distance races. Buzzy recently took first place in his respective age division in the team stock in Molokai where serious watermen endure exhausting elements to get from the island of Molokai in a deep-water channel to the south shore of Oahu. He managed to finish in just five hours, 26 minutes.

Buzzy was also amongst the first to get involved with the growth of windsurfing and riding waves on windsurfers and was amongst the top 16 surfers from 1977 to 1983. In 1978 he claimed the coveted World Cup of Surfing title in Hawaii and also won the Coke Surf About in Australia.

After that he went on to become one of Ralph Lauren's top Polo models, which launched his successful modeling career. He is also a SAG cardholder, a stuntman and has worked on many motion pictures to include, Water World with Kevin Costner.

When he isn't in the water or gracing Hollywood screens he is busy teaching surf school to kids and celebrities in Maui and spending time with his wife and three sons.