Isaac Stant

Isaac Ikaika Puakea Elvin-Stant was welcomed to the Honolua Surf team at the ripe age of 23. Born and bred on the island of Maui, he has nurtured his skills on some of the most prestigious waves in the world. Switching his main focus to the big wave scene, Isaac is undoubtedly a force to be reckoned with.

'Kaika', as his friends call him, is a competitive WQS surfer who has been honing his skills since the age of 10. Recalling his first Honolua Bay surf experience back to his childhood, he has built a cherished relationship with the majestic break.

Isaac's upbringing, passion, and drive make him well equipped to take on anything from the world class point break of Honolua Bay to the merciless and massive waves of Jaws. After pursuing an amateur career in contests, Isaac eventually turned his focus to charging big waves. While these faster and more challenging waves captured his attention, so did the intensity and dangers of paddling in to these monstrous cliffs of water. To ensure that he was prepared for the risks and responsibilities that came with big wave surfing, Kaika started training extensively with Upcountry Crossfit. This high intensity workout pushes the human body's limits both mentally and physically, the same way a theoretical mountainous freight train of water would do to Isaac in an underwater collision: holding him to the ocean floor, ripping, wrenching, punching and stretching his body in every which way possible.

Cross-fit champion Rich Froning, Surfing legend Shane Dorian, and Honolua Surf Co. waterman Pat Fukuda are counted as Isaac's most prominent inspirations and motivators. With great pride in his birthplace and respect for the ocean, he is a humble and well-rounded athlete. Setting his sights on the Vans Triple Crown, Isaac pushes his surfing and training to the limit while staying rooted in the Aloha spirit: He's sure to be a legendary player in the next generation of world class surfers.