Kalani Vierra

When you think protector of Hawai'i and its traditions, you think Kalani Vierra. He is a proud Hawaiian and Honolua Surf Co. is honored to have this waterman, lifeguard, firefighter, and Hollywood stunt-double represent the brand.

As a child, Kalani would spend most of his time at Tutu's house since they lived a bike ride from the beach. From the first time he stood up on a wave, he was hooked and never turned to any other sports. Vierra learned to bodysurf, longboard, paddle outrigger canoes and spearfish. Giving flat days on the island an opportunity to further explore what the ocean has to offer.

When Kalani was a young adult he decided he was going to become a lifeguard and gave 110 percent during his training. To this day, Kalani is working as an active serviceman of the Water Safety Task Force for both the state of Hawai'i and the island of Kauai. He's also board member of the Hawaiian Lifeguard Association, Program Director of Kauai's Jr. Lifeguards, and Pacific Island representative for the United States Lifesaving Association (USLA). He continues to educate keikis and visitors about avoiding potential trouble in the water. "If you don't know the area, swim where there's a lifeguard."

Kalani is a champion. He's won multiple titles around the world with his daughter in the International Tandem Surfing Association (ITSA) circuit. He's achieved multiple Watermen of the Year Awards, one from the highly touted Eddie Aikau event and the other with the Hawaiian Lifeguard Association being named Hawai'i Lifeguard Waterman of the Year. Competitions for Kalani come easy while standing as an SUP Distance racer, and while sitting on many winning outrigger canoe teams in the Master divisions.

He's a hunter, a diver, a fisherman, weight lifting aficionado and treats his body like a sacred temple. Kalani is a great role model for the watermen of the future, and a great person to oversee the safety of Hawaii's waters.