Kiva Rivers

Kiva is considered the next generation of ocean pioneers. Born and raised in Kuau, just outside of Paia Town on Maui's North Shore. With Buzzy Kerbox as his mentor, it isn't a surprise that Kiva excels in all water sports and is a fierce competitor with a great Hawaiian-style and positive outlook.

Kiva first surfed the majestic Honolua Bay when he was 9 years old and is just as excited today as he was back then to surf it. "Honolua Bay has always had a special place in my heart and soul. From surfing way outside at ‘Subs' to inside the bay at ‘the Cave' section, there's no wave quite like it. We're so lucky to have Honolua Bay in our backyard. NOTHING beats a day surfing out at Honolua Bay!"

He is definitely carving his mark in the water as a champion longboarder, amazing shortboarder, and powerful paddleboarder. His competitive achievements include: second place at the Molokai race (a grueling 32-mile race and true test for the serious waterman), multiple 1st place finishes in the Honolua Surf Co. Legends of the Bay, 1st at the Kimo's Long Board Classic at Mala Wharf, winner of the first SUP contest held in California at San Onofre, competed numerous times in the Molokai to Oahu Paddle Board Race in both solo and team crossings, while placing in the top three spots each time. Kiva has also competed in numerous paddle board events in California like the Malibu Down Winder and the Catalina Classic. Still to this day, one of Kiva's biggest accomplishments was winning the Jeep Ultimate Waterman Award.

With deep family roots in the island culture, Kiva is active in the community with kids through his family history and plays a major role in sharing his love for the water with others. Kiva proudly owns Rivers to the Surf, teaching private and small group surf lessons on Maui. He teaches clients as young as three, and as wiseq as 76. Hollywood clients like Zac Effron, Clint Eastwood, Vanessa Hudgens and Helen Hunt have been blessed with Kiva's knowledge.

When Kiva isn't in the water, you might see him in a magazine as a successful model, but his heart stays close to home with his beautiful family.

"My true passion remains here in Hawaii where I can take full advantage of the ocean and all it has to offer; searching for newly discovered waves along Maui's rugged coastal terrain, hiking for hours to secluded secret surf spots. I feel so blessed to have been able to grow up in such a wonderful place. I never take a day for granted here on Maui where the "Aloha Spirit" still shines bright everyday." Kiva's talent, energy, and positive vibe are the true testament of an authentic waterman, and are the fundamentals of the Honolua Surf Co. brand philosophy.