Mau AhHee

Growing up in Hawaii surrounded by clear blue waters, it doesn't take long before your running into the ocean with a surfboard under your arms as a kid. Mau AhHee was one of those kids, learning how to surf at age 2 with his father Snake Ahi by his side.

While surfing at spots like Launiupoko and the Breakwall in Lahaina, Snake taught Mau about the ocean and about all of it's limitless potential. Mau’s dad, Snake, has been a crew member of the Hokele'a since 1975. He has a deep wealth of knowledge about the ocean that's continuously passed on to Mau and his siblings.

As the years rolled on, Mau continued to progress in the surf. Eventually he started surfing the more challenging waves at Honolua Bay around 12 years old. Today, Honolua Bay continues to be Mau's favorite wave. You'll catch Mau charging on his long board when it's big and barreling or just hanging ten when it's small and playful. So it comes as no surprise that Mau has placed 1st in the "Legends of the Bay" long board division multiple times over the years. Mau also enjoys competing in select long board events in California and the other islands of Hawaii.

If Mau is not in the surf, you might find him playing Basketball, hanging out with his nephews and nieces, or enjoying his favorite food, his Grandma’s Shoyu Chicken.

Mau's positive energy on land and his smooth natural talent in the water embodies the true Hawaiian waterman spirit. We are happy to welcome Mau to the Honolua Surf Company team.