Patrick Fukuda

Truly a modest man and extremely talented surfer, Pat Fukuda has made a reputable name for himself in the surfing community. Many of his aspirations root from the blessing of growing up on Maui, and from the people that have surrounded him. For these reasons and more,he is a perfect ambassador for Honolua Surf Co.

Pat grew up and resides in the small country town of Haiku on the Northeast shore of Maui, where he works as a fire fighter for the Training Bureau of Kahului Station. The quaint little country town is lush with vegetation, tropical flowers and neighbors plenty of good waves. Pat took advantage of the nearby sandy shores and yards of colorful reef from a very young age: body boarding for hours on end and eventually picking up surfing in the 4th grade. His first surfboard was a sub-five foot, hot pink, H.I.C. stick. Since then, Pat has perfected everything from stand up paddle surfing, solo and tandem outrigger canoeing, shortboard surfing and is one of the best longboarders on all the Hawaiian islands. He also enjoys swimming for mental and physical wellness but is most well-known for his stylish long board surfing on waves of all sizes. The company you keep says a lot about a man, some of Pat’s riding mates include Dave Kalama, and Honolua Surf Co riders, Bonga Perkins and Kiva Rivers (who is a longtime friend).

With the help of his lovely wife, he has built a beautiful family, which is atop his list of greatest accomplishments. Pat has said he is grateful for his older brother and friends for taking him under their wings and helping him become the waterman that he is today. On trips to Indonesia, Fiji, Tahiti, the Maldives and Japan, he has met admirable people that enrich his life with memories of joy and valuable life lessons he adheres to everyday. Pat enjoys all aspects of the ocean and the land and believes we should always leave where we were better than it was before we got there.

Pat is an authentic waterman with a heart full of aloha. His unwavering talent in the water, coupled with his extremely humble and genuine nature make him a well rounded and outstanding athlete to watch out for.