Zane Schweitzer

My name is Zane Schweitzer and I am 21 years old. I have been surfing since I could walk, windsurfing since about 9 years old, and Stand Up Paddling since I was about 13, and surfing big waves at places like Jaws and Maveriks the last few years. So anything ocean related is passion of mine. If I’m not surfing or windsurfing, I might be fishing, diving, tow in surfing, or riding dirt bikes with my Dad and my brother Matty. Another hobby of mine is taking video and photos with Matty as I travel the world and posting them on the Schweitzer Sports You Tube Channel. I have been so lucky to be able to travel and compete around the world. I started traveling and competing at about the age of 11 with my close friend Connor Baxter. We grew up together, and with friends like Kai Lenny and Kody Kerbox we have always pushed each other in our sports around the globe.

I have been everywhere, always having fun and doing the sports I love! I am the luckiest man alive, but I work hard, and play hard! This year I have traveled from Hawaii to Dominican Republic, St. Croix, Abu Dhabi, Brazil, France, Thailand, Tahiti, Australia, Germany, Spain, Italy, Finland, Belgium, Morrocco, and all over the United States from Hawaii to California, to Florida. I am on planes more than I am home.

This year has been an incredible year, I don’t even know what to choose as my best achievement. I have won so many events and have really seen my training pay off which is what every athlete works for. I won the European Cup Championship, the Masters of the Ocean Championship, The US Sup Tour in both Waves and Racing, and the Standup World tour finals Sprint Championship at Turtle Bay... My Stand Up World Tour wave event championships are my biggest pride though. I won on the Big Island of Hawaii a few years ago, which was amazing because it was what I have been working towards all my life, and the best in the surf field were all there competing. It was my first MAJOR victory. The Stand up World Tour Abu Dhabi Championship I won was also an incredible accomplishment, winning in the Waves, 3rd in the Racing and 1st Place overall!!! But every event win is awesome!

It’s amazing to think that just five years ago I won the Stand Up World Tour at Sunset Beach, Hawaii Junior Division and it has just kept going from there.... It goes to show that if you dream big, train hard, and go for it, you can do anything!

I have been really fortunate that I was included in so many of the SUP movies as well, like “The Sup Movie”, “H2Mexico”, “That First Glide”, “StandUp Paddle Movie” the Exterra Planet “Surf Adventures” television show, Xterra Sports Adventure Series, CBS Sports Networks “The Ultimate Sup Showdown” and many more.

My family and I started Schweitzer Sports Foundation when I was 12. We have always believed that you should give back to those less fortunate. As I have traveled the world I have met many kids in need. I have been able to donate money, clothing, sporting equipment, books and toys to children in need. But the most fun is that I always organize free SUP lessons for the kids where ever I travel. I have taught kids in Peru, Brazil, Mexico, Thailand, South Korea, Japan, Italy, Morrocco, France and of course right here in America. Many of my friends will come and help out and I always try to donate some of my used equipment when I leave so that the kids can continue to experience the joy of the ocean! I am a proud Ambassador and host free clinics for Breast Cancer Survivors at the Stand UP for the Cure in Newport Beach California and in the last 3 years we have raised over $300,000 for breast cancer research and set the Guiness Book of World Records for the largest surf lesson. It is a great way to give back to those in need.